Rust converter

31 Rust converter
31 Rust converter
31 Rust converter


31 Rust converter is an anti-corrosion formulation. It converts the rust on all ferrous metals into a protective barrier (organo-metallic compound). It is perfectly suited to protect parts exposed to oxidation and it can also be used as a primer before painting. Treated surfaces can also be safely in contact with sea water without risking an aggravation of the oxidization.


Vinyl acrylate copolymer in aqueous phase, ethylene glycol.



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Directions for use:

- The parts to be treated should be brushed, degreased and free of mildew, rinsed with clean water and kept moist to assure the penetration into the rust.
- 31 is used pure, with a brush, sprayed or by dipping.
- Leave to dry 12 to 24 hours before painting.
NB. A second coat may be necessary for any very deep corrosion.
- A paint coat is recommended, in the month following the treatment, to insure the duration of the effectiveness of 31.