Protective wax for ribs

320 Protective wax for ribs


Make your tender look like new with our 320 formulation of polymeric resins specially designed to form an hydrophobic, anti-soiling and anti-UV protection.
320 allows to maintain and restore both hypalon and pvc ribs giving them a glossy shiny, like new finish.


Polyethylen waxes in solution



Appearance / Odour

Liquide creamy white / characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Hypalon, Pvc

Directions for use:

Apply on a clean and dry surface using a microfiber cloth and never in direct sunlight on a hot summer day. We recommend proceeding in sections of 1m in lenght to constantly control the application.

  1. Always keep the microfiber cloth soaked with 320 to avoid absorbing the product applied.
  2. Buff the surface with the microfiber cloth always soaked in order to apply a even layer. Do not hesitate to re-spray and spread the product in order to thicken the coat as the first layer starts to dry.
  3. Do not touch the treated surface until completely dry.
  4. Always rinse the products nozzle after use to avoid the blockage of the spray head.

For the maintenance of the treatment, use a neutral Ph or gentle soap.
To remove the treatment, use the clinazur 319.