Waste water treatment

609 Waste water treatment
609 Waste water treatment


The 609 waste water treatment is a highly concentrated liquid formulation of enzymes for the treatment of grey water and black
water tanks. Use as a curative measure to eliminate bad smells, liquefy and digest the organic waste. As much as possible use regularly as a preventive measure to avoid bad smells and greatly reduce the use of hazardous chemicals.


Non-pathogenic bacterial cultures and cleaning agents.



Appearance / Odour

Liquid / fresh

Compatibility / supports

Grey water and black water tanks

Directions for use:

- Grey water tank: 300 ml for the initial dose for a 1000L tank. Then, change to a 150ml dose/1000L/ week to continue the treatment . Pour doses directly into the sink. (Run some warm water over and leave for at least 8 h)

- Black water tank: 400 ml / 1000L for the initial dose. Change to 150ml /1000L/ week to continue the treatment. Pour doses directly down the toilet bowl. (Flush and leave for 8 hours).

Treat regularly. Preferably at night to let the product sit.