Black water treatment

622 Black water treatment


622 Black water treatment are effervescent tablets containing micro-organisms and enzymes.
They quickly eliminate bad smells and accelerate the breakdown of organic matter in the
black water tanks. Their constant use will maintain a biological balance in the black water tanks and/ or septic tanks.


Non-pathogenic bacterial cultures base, enzymes, inorganic salts, and perfume.



Appearance / Odour

Tablets / Lemon

Compatibility / supports

Black water tanks

Directions for use:

- Treatment: 1 tablet / week / groups of 4/5 people on board, to be flushed down a toilet bowl. Allow the tablet to dissolve before flushing.
Use preferably in the evening to let the product work for at least eight hours.

Double the dose on the first application.

- Respect the instructions for this biological product, it is slower than traditional chemicals.
- Treat regularly and in the evening to avoid interruptions on the cycle of the biological action.

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