Grey water treatment

636 Grey water treatment
636 Grey water treatment


The grey water treatment 636 is a concentrated liquid formulation containing a mixture of micro-organisms, for the treatment
of grey water tanks. Its curative use will allow to breakdown oil, grease, animal and vegetable fat and eliminate bad smells. A regular preventive use will significantly reduce the need for hazardous chemicals and the appearance of bad smells.


<5% non-ionic surfactants
- Fragrances (linalool, limonene)
- Contains enzymes, can produce an allergic reaction.



Appearance / Odour

Liquid / characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Grey water tanks

Directions for use:

The product is used pure. Doses are to be poured directly into the sinks and drains in the evening if possible in order to let the product work for at least 8 hours. Possibility of an automatic or semi-automatic dose.

Dose : 50ml /day / 1000L of tank capacity.