Gelcoat restorer

917 Gelcoat restorer


917 Is nowadays one of our classic, hystorical products. Its a thick polish for major renovation work on polyester, gelcoat, stainless steel and painted surfaces. It removes streaks, fine scratches and restores the original color and shine.


Hydrocarbons, C11-C13, isoalkanes, <2% aromatics.


7.8 +/- 0.3 (at 10 % in water)

Appearence / Odour

Paste / characteristic

Compatibility / supports

Plastic surfaces : polyester; gelcoat ; epoxy , etc.

Directions for use:

- Apply on a clean and dry surface.
- Manual operation for small areas: Spread a small amount of 917 with a clean and wet sponge, then rub with a clean and dry cloth in a circular motion until no streaks are left.
- Operating with a buffing machine for the large surfaces: Spread a small amount of 917, then polish at a low speed until the streaks disappear.
- Wipe with a soft cloth or a dry cotton rag to finish.
- For an extra bright finish we recommend PTFE Polish Clinazur 189